Let It Go

Let it go is a moral story. I have written this moral story for everyone. Everyone can read this story. I have tried to bring it to a context that deals with issues when you are stubborn and do not let go of things easily from your life. Let us read the story. Hope you will like this story.

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The Story

In the foothills of a beautiful mountain, lived a boy named Richard. He lived with his family. His father was the owner of a small orchard, and by selling apples he earned enough to support his family. They had everything as per the requirements. Richard was studying in 7th Grade at a school nearby.

The Stubborn Boy

Talking about Richard, he was good at his studies and was a hard-working boy. He was caring and loving at the same time. However, he was stubborn by nature. If there is something he needed, he will not let it go. He would rather face a do-or-die situation to achieve even the smallest thing that he needed to.

Due to his stubbornness, he used to argue a lot. It was very difficult to change his views and opinions.

One fine day, he was playing with his friends. While playing the game of cricket, he hit the ball so hard that it went flying into the bushes. The ball was lost. Everyone tried to find the ball and after searching a lot, they decided to give up the pursuit. However, Richard was adamant about finding the ball. Despite being advised by his friends many times, he kept on searching.

He was so adamant due to his stubborn nature that he kept on searching. His friends left for home, evening turned to the night. He could not find the ball. After dark he realized that he cannot find the ball in the dark. However, it was too late. He went back home with sadness and the failure of not finding the ball crept all over his brain. Yes! That was the level of his stubbornness.

He could not sleep the whole night and due to stress, he was not feeling well. He decided not to face his friends. What will he tell his friends? So, he missed the school that day.

The Surprise at School

The same day at the school, there was a painting competition for students. There was a big prize for the students winning. Everybody knew that Richard was good at painting. However, Richard was not there. The competition was held and the best painter was rewarded with a complete cricket kit and which included a box of 12 balls.

His friends came to his home in the evening to see him. When they told Richard about the event at school. Richard got more upset.

Richards’ father was listening to all these conversations. He knew that Richard needs help in getting rid of his stubborn behavior.

Dad’s Plan

On a fine Sunday, Richard’s father asked Richard to come with him to the apple orchard. He had a plan to teach a lesson to Richard so that he leaves his bad habit of stubbornness. For the last few days, there was a group of monkeys ruining the apples in the orchard.

They reached the orchard and took a look at the situation. Richard’s father asked him. “How do we catch these monkeys?”

This was a real challenge for them. After thinking for some time, Richard answered. “We need to chase them and catch them.”

Father said, “This is not how we catch monkeys.” We have caught around a hundred monkeys and today we will show you how a monkey is caught.”

Catching the Monkeys

Catching the Monkeys
A greyscale shot of a sad monkey in a small old cage – conception : captivity

People working in the orchard brought a few jars with small openings. They put some nuts inside the jar and left it under a tree. They put multiple jars and hid in a place so that monkeys were not able to see them.

After a few minutes, a monkey came near the jar and put his hand inside the jar. He grabbed the nuts inside the jar. Monkey’s hand full of nuts got stuck. Money was trying hard to get its hand out. The fist full of nuts would not come out.

Monkey was struggling, however, it was not ready to leave the nuts. The orchard workers came out and caught the monkey in a net. Similarly, they caught 7 monkeys that day. Richard was happy that the monkeys were caught. They put all the monkeys in a van and drove towards the local Zoo the release the monkeys.

The Lesson Learned

On the way to the Zoo, Richard’s father explained to him how and why the monkeys were caught.

He explained to Richard. Monkeys were caught due to their greed for nuts and stubborn behavior. If they had left the nuts they could easily have freed themselves. However, due to stubborn behavior and the attitude to not let it go, they were put in a more difficult situation.

This was a learning for Richard and it changed his life. He understood that sometimes, he need things to let go. Do not spoil your life or an important moment because of something you could not achieve. Other important things in life can be worth achieving. Moreover, greed can put you in a difficult situation.

Richard looked back a the monkeys and thought that he was behaving like these monkeys. He had a new view and prospect for life.

Moral of The Story

Moral of The Story
Life and Work or money balance concept. Businessman figurine and dollar symbol on wooden blocks on wooden seesaw

Many times we lose hope or try to achieve something which is not worth the effort. We go hopeless on not achieving a few things and get upset. But, we need to understand that to get or desire something what are we going to lose?

If we look at the other perspective of it. People are trying to make a lot of money and putting effort a lot to earn a lot of money. In the race to earn a lot of money, they are neglecting life. When time passes by that money is not even worth it, however, an important time is lost.

Think again, the money is the nuts inside the jar. You are trying to fill your fist with that money and are not able to get free. The greed for money is putting you in difficult situations multiple times. You are stressed. Now, can you tell who is the greedy monkey?

Keywords: A Moral Story, A Moral Story in English, A Short Moral Story, A Short Moral Story in English.

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