Price of Anger is a moral story on anger and stubbornness. This is a moral story in English. A morality on anger and stubbornness.

This story depicts, how a man who is always angry and stubborn learns a lesson. What he lost due to his always quarrelling nature and stubbornness. Let us read the story and find out.

The Story – Price of Anger

price of anger

Once upon a time. There lived a man named Sheetal (cool) in a village. His name was cold but by nature he was quite the opposite i.e. a very hot-tempered man. It was his habit to pick fights with people over small matters. He was a very stubborn person. Even his family members were very upset with his angry and stubborn nature.

People often called Sheetal as Sheetu. Sheetu’s wife often explained to him that it was not right to fight over small things, but these things had no effect on Sheetu. He believed that I don’t quarrel with anyone, but people only quarrel with him.

Sheetu had kept a donkey. He often used that donkey for his work. You have to bring goods from the market, or harvest crops. He used his donkey for all the work.

The people of Sheetu’s village were also well aware of his angry nature. That’s why he also remained worried about us. If any man in the village saw Shitu on the way, he would change his route to avoid unnecessary quarrel.

Setu had no friends in the whole world. He would have quarreled with everyone if he wanted, but he loved his donkey very much. He lovingly bathed it, fed it fodder, and never got angry at his donkey.

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There was a mulberry tree in the courtyard of Shitu’s house on which sweet mulberries grew. One day, some small children started plucking mulberries from the tree in his courtyard and eating them. When Sheetu saw this, he became furious and attacked the children. All the children ran away in fear, but one small child got caught by Setu. Hey, you beat that kid.

The child told this while crying at his home and this news spread throughout the village. Everyone was angry with Sheetu’s action as it was not right to beat a child on such a small matter. But no one went to Shitu’s house and complained about this.

A few days passed like this. One day Shitu went to another village with his donkey. The journey was quite long, so while returning, Setu started feeling a bit tired. He started thinking, why not tie the donkey under a tree and have food in a restaurant.

Setu started looking for a tree to tie the donkey to when his eyes fell on a tree where a horse was already tied. The horse was eating grass and the horse’s owner was standing nearby. Sheetu liked this place and he also started tying his donkey to the same tree.

Seeing this, the owner of the horse said, brother, do not tie your donkey to this tree. My horse is very angry, he will kill this donkey of yours. Shitu, the owner of the donkey, said, this tree is not yours only and I will tie my donkey on it only. Sheetu was adamant on his point, the owner of the horse said, if you do not listen to me then you yourself will be responsible for this.

Despite warning, Setu did not agree and tied the donkey to that tree and went away. Here the horse kicked the donkey and made him fall. Before the horse’s owner could control him, the horse kicked and killed the donkey. Then the owner of the donkey i.e. Sheetu came there and seeing his dead donkey started shouting, ‘Hey, your horse has killed my donkey, now bring me my donkey, otherwise I will not let you go from here.

The owner of the horse said, I had already told you that my horse is angry and will kill your donkey, but you did not listen to me. Now it is your responsibility because I had already warned you. Both the people started arguing among themselves. Then a passerby stopped seeing this and said that both of you should go to the king’s court. Only the king will judge both of you. Both of them followed the advice and went to the king’s court to seek justice.

In the royal court, the king asked the owner of the donkey, tell me the whole story, how did your donkey die? Jitu, the owner of the donkey, said, Maharaj, my donkey and its horse were tied under the same tree when suddenly the horse went mad and killed my donkey.

The owner of the horse was looking at Sheetu with great surprise that he had not told the whole story. But he remained calm and did not say anything. The king asked the owner of the horse, did your horse kill his donkey? Tell me why you are not speaking, is it true? Tell? The owner of the horse did not say anything even after asking repeatedly. The king said, “Are you deaf and dumb? Can’t you speak?”

Seeing this Shitu suddenly said, Maharaj, this person is not dumb or deaf. At first, he was shouting loudly at me that don’t tie your donkey here, my horse will kill this donkey. Now he is pretending to be deaf and dumb in front of you.

Hearing this, the owner of the horse said, “Maharaj, please forgive me, this person was lying again and again.” I pretended to remain silent so that he would speak the truth and he did so. He himself said in front of you that I had warned him many times not to tie his ass here, but he did not listen. Hearing this, the king started smiling and said, it means that you had already warned him that the horse is angry and do not tie the donkey here. But the owner of the donkey did not listen to this and then tied his donkey there.

The king looked at Sheetu and said, your lie has been caught, now you yourself are responsible for it. Poor Sheetu had to return empty handed from the king’s court. For the first time, Setu was feeling sad over his stubborn and angry behavior after the death of his beloved donkey. He was thinking that if he had listened to the horseman and neither insisted nor got angry, his donkey would have been alive today. He regretted his mistake, but nothing could be done now.

This was a good lesson for Sheetu. After this incident Sheetal started changing her behavior. Now he stopped fighting with people without any reason and started living a peaceful life.

Moral of the Story – Price of Anger

So, in this story we learn that how anger, quarrelling nature, and stubbornness is not good. These are negative traits and should be avoided.

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