A Black Magic Riddle – Story of Gul and Munawwar


A Black Magic Riddle – Story of Gul and Munawwar is an interesting story to read. This is about 4 princes, a magician queen, and a king.

How the swan helped the prince to find his answer. The act of kindness that paid well.

The Story – A Black Magic Riddle – Story of Gul and Munawwar

A Black Magic Riddle - Story of Gul and Munawwar
A Black Magic Riddle, Story of Gul and Munawwar, an interesting story, story, interesting story to read.

Once upon a time. A king who was very intelligent and learned, had four young sons. Once the king fell ill. Doctors were called for his treatment but to no avail. Now the king started feeling that his last time was near.

He called his four sons to him and said that there is no cure for death. This world is an inn. Now there seems to be no way for me to escape. While leaving, I want to teach you that you should go hunting in three directions, but never go in the fourth direction i.e. South, even by mistake. Saying this, the king died.

A wave of mourning spread throughout the state and there was an outcry. As time passed, the king’s four sons grew up. The eldest son had turned 20 years old. He took over the throne. Those four brothers had great love for each other and whenever they went hunting, they would go together. Never went alone.

One day the four brothers decided to go hunting. They went for hunting. They roamed around in all three directions but did not find any prey in any direction. Now, they did not like going back home empty handed. That is why now the princes decided to go to the fourth direction which was left.

The elder brother remembered the advice given by his father in his last moments and stopped them from going in the fourth direction. But when the three brothers insisted, he too had to agree. Now the four princes set out to hunt in the fourth direction. They were roaming in the forest but did not see any prey. Then they saw a palace in the forest.

Those four brothers started thinking that we should find out about this palace. He told the youngest brother, let us sit under this tree. You find out whose palace it is.

The youngest prince rode his horse and approached the palace. He circled the palace from all sides but did not see any door in the palace. Meanwhile he saw that an old woman was sitting under a tree and was spinning a spinning wheel, a drum was lying near her.

The prince went to the old lady and asked, “Old lady, where is the door of this palace?”

A Black Magic Riddle - Story of Gul and Munawwar, ThePoemStory - Poems and Stories, Poems and Stories
A Black Magic Riddle, Story of Gul and Munawwar, an interesting story, story, interesting story to read.

Mother replied very politely, Son, this drum is kept here, if you play this drum, you will know everything.

The prince tied his horse there and started playing the drum. As soon as the drum was played, a door opened in the palace. When the prince went inside the door, he saw that a very beautiful queen was sitting in front. The prince was fascinated the moment he saw her.

The queen started laughing after seeing him. The queen respected the prince and took him with her. The prince forgot everything after seeing the queen. He started asking the queen, who are you?

The queen replied in a very beautiful and charming manner, I am a princess, I am not married yet. I will marry the prince who answers my riddle.

The prince said, Princess, I am a prince, now you tell me what is your riddle? I assure that I will try my best so that I can answer your riddle.

The queen said, I have a condition. If you solve my riddle then you marry me, but if you do not solve my riddle then I will cut off your head with a sword.

The prince was fascinated by her beauty, that is why he accepted the queen’s advice without any thinking.

The queen asked the riddle, “What did the gul do to the Munawwar and what did the Munawwar do to the gul?”

The prince tried very hard. But no one could find a solution to this puzzle. Unable to solve the queen’s riddle, he accepts his defeat, and the prince kneels before the queen. As per her condition, the queen took out the sword from its sheath and beheaded the prince.

As soon as the prince was beheaded, the door of the palace closed as before. The little prince was now killed. His three brothers were waiting for him. Finally, his elder brother said I will find out.

The elder brother also started roaming around that palace, but he did not find any door. He saw that his brother’s horse was tied on one side and an old woman was spinning a spinning wheel nearby. He quickly asked, where did my prince brother tie his horse and go?

The old lady replied, this drum is lying there, play it and you will know everything. When the prince played the drum, the doors opened automatically like before and he went to the queen. The queen repeated the same riddle again.

“What did the gul do to the Munawwar and what did the Munawwar do to the gul?”

The prince could not solve that riddle. Thus, as per her condition, the queen also cut off his head with the sword.

When the second prince also did not come, the third prince, who was younger than the elder brother, started towards that palace to find out his brothers. He also played the drum at the request of the old lady. He went to the queen and the queen also asked him a riddle. The queen also killed him for not telling him the solution to the riddle.

When none of the three princes returned, the eldest prince was very surprised. He mounted his horse and headed towards the palace. There he saw three horses tied and saw an old woman spinning a charkha. He quickly asked Mi.

Old lady, where are my brothers riding these horses? Tell me quickly? The old lady asked to play the drum like before. The prince did not play the drum and started thinking in his mind that this must be some kind of deception. He caught hold of the old woman by her hair and gave her a couple of slaps and said in an angry voice, “Quickly tell me where the prince is?” Otherwise, I will kill you.

The old woman said in a trembling voice, there lives a queen in this palace who knows Black Magic. She asks a riddle to the visiting princes and if the prince is unable to solve the riddle, she cuts off his head with her sword.

Now the prince understood that his brother had been killed. He beat the old lady even more and threatened to kill her and asked, old lady, if you love your life then tell me what is that riddle?

Everyone loves their life. Crying, the old woman said that the queen’s riddle was, “What did the rose do to the aloe and what did the aloe do to the rose?” The prince opened his eyes and asked the old lady what is the solution to this? The old lady said, Son, whether you kill me or spare my life, I have told you as much as I knew. I don’t even know the solution to this.

Now the prince asked, where can the solution to this puzzle be known? The old lady said, 400 miles to the south, a king named Gul rules. The solution to this puzzle can be known only from him. The prince agreed to his request. He left his brothers’ horses to graze in the forest and rode his horse to the city of that king named Gul.

Filled with sorrow and sadness, the prince walked continuously for many nights and days, mourning his brothers. One day, the tired prince lay down under a tree to rest and left the horse to graze.

He had not slept for a long time, so he fell asleep as soon as he lay down. After some time, the sound of chirping reached his ears, and the prince opened his eyes. When the prince woke up in a panic, he saw that a snake was trying to eat the swan and swan chicks on the tree and those chicks were chirping.

The prince took out the sword from its sheath and cut the snake into pieces and went back to sleep again. When the swan and the swan came back with grains for the children, the children did not eat the food. The swan and the swan asked, why aren’t you eating grains? The children said, first you feed food to the guest sleeping under the tree who has saved our lives by killing the snake.

They woke up the traveler and the swan said that you have saved the lives of our children, we are ready to do anything for you. Even if you ask for our life, it is present. The prince said, I am a sad prince. I am going to a king named Gul to ask a riddle. Can you help me?

A Black Magic Riddle - Story of Gul and Munawwar, ThePoemStory - Poems and Stories, Poems and Stories
A Black Magic Riddle, Story of Gul and Munawwar, an interesting story, story, interesting story to read.

The swan plucked a feather from his body and gave it to the prince and said, whenever you get into trouble, set this feather of my body on fire. If they catch fire, my body will start burning, I will reach you at that very moment, I will help you at that time, even if I have to sacrifice my life.

The prince kept those feathers safely and went on horseback to the court of the king named Gul. The prince complained to the king, “Your Majesty, I have left my royal family and home and come to you to ask a riddle.” The king said, tell me what is the riddle?

I would like to ask, “What did the rose do to the aloe and what did the aloe do to the rose?” Hearing this, the king named Gul said, O man of God, I will tell you the solution to this riddle, but after telling you, I will cut your head with a sword, tell me if you agree.

The prince immediately replied, Maharaj, I agree. After the royal work, the king named Gul sends all the courtiers away. He calls the prince near him and says, listen to God, now I will tell you the story of rose and aloe.

My name is Gul and my queen’s name was Aloe. One day at midnight I suddenly woke up from my sleep and saw that my queen was not on the bed. I was very surprised and upset to see the bed empty. But I did not ask the queen anything about this during the day.

The next day I started snoring deliberately. The queen adorned herself and filled a vessel with sweets and left the palace in the dark night. I too took my sword and followed him quietly. A bitch also followed me, who was my pet. The queen went out of the city to a monk’s hut.

I sat quietly outside the hut. As soon as the queen went inside, the monk said very angrily, why did you take so long? Get out of my hut this instant. The queen folded her hands and said, I will not make such a mistake in future. I became very angry after hearing this and attacked the monk with the sword.

Actually, that sadhu knew black magic and the queen had relations with him. Besides, the queen was also taking black magic lessons from him. The monk threw me down with his power and started attacking me. Then my pet bitch, who was following me, came from behind and caught hold of the sadhu’s leg and as soon as I got the chance, I killed the sadhu with my sword.

Attacking women with swords does not suit the brave. That is why at that very moment I ordered the queen to get out of my kingdom. I am leaving you right now. Gul Raja’s eyes were turning red while narrating his story. He said, Musafir, this is what Gul did to Munawwar and Munawwar did to Gul. Now you do this, eat whatever food and drink you want, you are a foreigner, I have to cut off your head tomorrow morning.

The prince said that I have not eaten anything, but I have a desire in my heart to climb the palace and smoke a hookah. Gul Raja agreed to this. He ordered a hookah to be prepared and the prince climbed on the roof of the palace and started smoking the hookah.

Then the prince took out the swan feather he had hidden with him and burnt it with the fire of the hookah. At the same time the swan quickly came to the prince. He said to the prince, are you in any trouble? The prince said, can you take me away from here? The swan quickly placed him on his back and flew away from there to the forest far away from the palace. Gul Raja kept staring at her face. None of his joints could move.

At the request of the prince, the swan landed the prince near that palace, greeted him and went back. The prince went to the old woman and asked, “Tell me where the drum is?” The old lady pointed towards the drum. When the prince played the drum loudly, the doors of the palace opened.

The prince went inside. The beautiful queen sitting inside once again asked the same riddle to the prince and started thinking that he was my new victim. The queen said that if you solve this riddle then you will have to marry me, otherwise I will behead you.

But the prince said, I do not accept this condition. I already have my queen at home. I have no need for marriage. I just want to bet on heads. If I don’t solve this puzzle, then you behead me. Otherwise, I will behead you. The queen thought that what would he know about the story of Gul and Munawwar, only I or my husband Gul Raja would know about it.

Rani first asked, “Tell me, what did Gul do with Aloe and what did Aloe do with Gol?”

The prince told the whole story of Gul and Aloe to the queen and then the prince took out the sword from its sheath. His heart was filled with anger to avenge his brothers. He said, Sinful queen, I have started cutting your head, do you know the tantra mantra? Really tell me who you are.

Now the ground started slipping from under the queen’s feet. She started trembling. Seeing the sword hanging over his head, tears started flowing. Today he was remembering all his crimes. She said in a trembling voice, Prince, I am the aloe, please spare my life. The prince roared and said, Sinful queen, you have cut off the heads of the winners, hence you can never get the gift of life.

The prince, who was burning with the fire of vengeance, beheaded the queen with a single stroke. It seemed as if a miracle had happened as soon as the queen was beheaded. Jeene was also beheaded in Rani. All of them came back alive, including the prince’s brother. As soon as the queen was beheaded, there was neither any palace left, nor any old woman spinning a charkha, nor was there any drum there. All this was created by the queen herself with her tantra mantra and everything disappeared as soon as she died. The prince returned happily to his country with his brothers.

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