Bad Settle Well and Good Become Nomads | A Strong Moral Story of Buddha

Bad Settle Well and Good Become Nomads | A Strong Moral Story of Buddha | A Strong Moral Story | Moral Story of Buddha | Story of Buddha | Moral Story


This is a story from Buddha’s life. Buddha was an enlightened being and he attained enlightenment through self-realization. He was with a strong moral and attained a position of God.

This is a strong moral story from Buddha’s life. Let us read the story of Buddha and get the moral out of it. In this story we will see as why Buddha said that “Bad people may settle well and Good Become Nomads.

The Story: Bad Settle Well and Good Become Nomads

May Bad Settle Well

Once upon a time Buddha was travelling with his disciples and he reached a village. As in Buddhism, monks used to ask for food (Bhiksha), so the desciples reached out to some houses and asked for some food (Bhiksha). It was already evening, and people even did not ask for water to the monks that have arrived at their village.

The villagers did not know respect and started abusing the monks. They started throwing stones at Buddha and his disciples. Buddha was calm and was smiling. This enraged the villagers further and they started throwing stones on the monks.

It was a difficult time, but there was not even a wrinkle on Buddha’s face, The smile did never fade, and he was still calm. His disciples were in panic and asked Buddha to do something.

Buddha calmly raised his hands and said to villagers, “Okay! if you do not want us to stay in this village, we will leave. However, I wish that your village flourishes and you settle well in this village. There will be no situation when you need to leave this village and go to places in search of resources.”

This was a kind of good wish that Buddha made for the villagers. His disciples were in shock. However, nobody questioned Buddha. They left the village.

May Good Become Nomads

Next day, they reached another village. They were hungry and tired. After the incident that happened in the last village, they were wounded as well. As soon as they reached the village, the villagers gave all the monks a warm welcome. They offered water and food to the monks.

They gave them a good place to sleep and cared after them. They arranged for the village doctors as well. They provide a great service to Buddha and all the monks.

All were very happy with the hospitality of the villagers. They stayed in the village for few more days. Buddha delivered some great learnings to the villagers as well.

When it was time for the monks to leave the village and move further, the village chief asked Buddha to bless the village. Buddha said, “May this village be destroyed, and people move out in search of resources to the different parts of the country.”

The villagers were shocked with such a blessing. It looked like a curse more than a blessing.

Unable to hold his curiosity, one of the disciples asked Buddha, “Why did you bless the bad people to remain settles, whereas you cursed this village of good people to be destroyed?”

Buddha smiled and calmly said, “I wish that bad villagers remain settled in the same village forever. If they move out, they will make the world cruel like them. They have nothing other than hatred and bad behavior to spread. They should never move out of this village.”

The disciple asked, “But, why you wished that the good villagers lose their home and roam like nomads?”

Buddha said, “The reason is simple, till the time they live in comfort of this village, they will not be able to spread good behavior in the world. They need to spread out. As they are good in nature and have taken the learnings from the teachings that we provided, they will be able to adjust and adapt to the situations that come to them. However, if they spread, they will propagate good knowledge, love, and peace. They will serve the humanity. That is the reason, I wished that they spread out into the world.”

All the disciples were satisfied as Buddha explained the cause.

Moral Of the Story

It is good if a bad person is living happily. You might look at them and say they are living happily despite being bad. But, God has always a better plan. He wants bad people to live, where they are. Good people spread around and spread love, peace and hospitality.

It is okay, if you need to move place to place. Open your heart and meet people with warmth. Show them love and affection. Even cruel and bad people will choose the path of love with your good behavior.

I hope, you loved the story. Keep reading!!!

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