Was it Love in her eyes? | Was it Love? | A Short Love Story | Love Story | Short Love | Was it love in her eyes? When we set apart, I saw tears in her eyes. We were together for few hours only; did that turn into a love story? I could not help, I had to leave.

A Short Love Story

Was it Love in her eyes? | Was it Love? | A Short Love Story | Love Story | Short Love

I went on a 2-day trip to Goa. It was a Friday, and I got a flight from Delhi. Return tickets were already booked for Monday as I had to catch my office. I reached Goa by 4 PM and checked into a hotel near Anjuna beach. After some snacks, I went to the beach nearby. I tried clicking few pictures; however, my phone went into the water by a sudden wave. Now, I was without a phone. My laptop was in hotel, and I used it for further tickets and bookings. I could not carry it everywhere though. 

Friday night, I spent on Bagha beach and enjoyed the happening crowd. I spent whole night and was down some drinks as well. 4 AM, I came back to my hotel and fell asleep instantly. I woke up by 11 AM to find that the breakfast time was over in the hotel. I was hungry and went outside to look out for some food.

I Met the Girl

I found a good Tibetan Restaurant and went inside. In a corner a beautiful girl sat reading a book and listening to music at the same time.  As I entered, she looked at me and I waved at her. I smiled and took a table. I ordered my food and some drinks. I asked the girl to pass the napkins which were there on her table. 

She removed her earphones and asked again, if I needed something. I asked again for the napkins. She smiled and said, “Take it”. I moved my plate to her table, grabbed a chair opposite to her and asked, “May I sit here?” She said “Yes”. 

Generally, I am bit sigh talking to strange girls, however, this time I was talking. I asked her a question because it seemed funny for me like “Reading a book and listening to music at the same time?” She smiled “I am listening to a light instrumental music, and that does not interfere with reading the book”. We both smiled. The conversation was ON.

“For how long you in GOA are?” I asked. She answered, I am here for last 15 days. Are you alone or with a group?  “I was initially with a group of boys and girls from Israel, but they went to Mumbai, and I stayed in Goa.” She spoke. 

I said, “I am here for 2 days, and I have motorcycle on rent for 1 day. Is it okay if you want to come along for a ride. We can spend the evening together.” She looked at me and said, “Okay”. Honestly, I had no intention to propose or do something wrong or even trying to get romantic. As I was alone, I thought I will get a company.

Suddenly she said, “I am lesbian”. 

I did not pay attention and kept on eating my food. She repeated, “I am a lesbian. Do you know what it means?” “You are a girl and you like girls. That is absolutely fine. It is your choice.” I replied. 

She just smiled and said “We will go out by 4 PM. I will wait for you here.” I went back to the hotel thinking, “Why would she mention about being lesbian? Was I making a romantic move?” I got a feeling that she will not be there by 4:00 PM. There is no reason she will wait for me. 

It was exactly 4 PM when I got up again. It took me 15 minutes to freshen up. I had no expectation that the girl would wait for me. So, I was relaxed. I liked the food and drinks in the restaurant and hence, I went to the same place again. The thought of the girl waiting was there. As I entered the restaurant, I saw the girl there. She was waiting for me. She waved and said, “where are we going?” I don’t know. You are here for a long time, you should suggest. However, I want to see Sunset as it is the evening time. 

The restaurant guy suggested us to go to Vegator beach.  We went to the Vegator beach. Sitting on the sand We talked about ourselves and many other topics. We decided to see the Sunset from the old fort nearby. We went to the fort. She wanted to walk on the fort walls and asked me to hold her hands. 

Then we chose a good location to see the Sun going down in the sea. I asked her, “Can I hold your hand?” She smiled and said “Okay”. When the sun was gone and it was dark, we moved back towards the hotel. It started raining. I asked her if I can drop her in her homestay. She agreed. 

I dropped her and went to my hotel. The next day, we met again but this was a short meeting. I had to meet a friend. I had taken his address using the hotel’s phone. So, as I thought I will never meet this girl again, I said goodbye. She wrote her number on a paper and asked me to keep in touch. I could not give her my number as my phone was gone and I thought, I will have to get a new number. 

Was It Love in Her Eyes?

As started moving, she stopped me. I saw there were tears in her eyes. She came close and hugged me. I could not understand. Moreover, I could not help. I had to leave. That day it rained heavily and the paper on which she gave me her phone number was badly mutilated in my pocket. I could not retrieve the number. I should have given her a phone number. 

When I think of the Incident after 9 years today. I think of the course the life would have taken with one decision. Was she actually a lesbian? If yes, why I saw tears in her eyes? Was it love in her eyes? 

Is it like if you do not flirt or act romantic, it sometime becomes more romantic? But one thing is clear, if your intentions are right, you will be always loved.

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